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Etalon Repair Service


Your H-alpha etalon filter is defect and you can't observe the sun in H-alpha light? Your both coated etalon plates are de-contacted? And the item is with no or outside of factory warranty? If so, please ask me for a repair offer.

Be aware before you will open the etalon by your self, the small spacers between the plates are sensitive and can lost or broken.

Examples for repair prices

  • Lunt LS40THa for 290 EUR
  • Lunt LS50FHa for 360 EUR
  • Lunt LS50THa for 360 EUR
  • Lunt LS60THa for 360 EUR
  • Coronado PST for 290 EUR
  • Coronado Solarmax 40 for 290 EUR
  • Coronado Solarmax 60 for 360 EUR
  • Coronado Solarmax 90 for 690 EUR